RAPIDFIRE - 2 Minutes with Mark Woolley



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RAPIDFIRE - Mark Woolley

2 minutes are on the clock as host, Anissa Gamble ​, sits down for #RAPIDFIRE with the Founder of Woolley's Warriors and member of the OHL's Owen Sound Attack, Mark Woolley...

  • What's Mark's go-to low snack?
  • Who's his favorite team?
  • Does he have a secret hidden talent?


Let's find out!


What’s your favorite color?


What's your favorite hockey team?

Toronto Maple Leafs

Do you have a favorite hobby or secret talent?

I was a pretty good soccer player when I was younger, let’s go with that.

Winter or summer?

Summer, for sure...

What's your favorite movie?

Step Brothers

Wha'ts your favorite pre-game song?

I have a bunch, but, honestly, our team gets into the big booty mixes, that kind of stuff…but whatever’s playing in the room gets me going...

Bauer or CCM?


Go to pre-game meal?

Chicken Parm

Last one, what's your favorite joke?

Ooo, I don't know...I'm a big fan of dad jokes...

Ok, here's one...why did the bycyle fall over?

I dunno...

Because it was too tired! (Insert studio applause here)



A special thank you to our guest, Mark Woolley, for sitting down with us for GAMETIME.

Enjoy this bonus segment from Episode 2 of Gametime as Host Anissa Gamble engages in RAPID FIRE with Mark Woolley. You can catch the full length feature interview with Mark Woolley by clicking here: 

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