Dskate Niagara PLUS+

August, 3rd - 5th 2016

For #T1DHockey Players + their Friends

Dskate Hockey is proud to announce the addition of a new brand of Dskate Hockey Program; 

Sharing our knowledge. Sharing our experience. Sharing our diabetes.


Dskate PLUS+ is a different take on our traditional model of Dskate Hockey Programs.

Catering exclusively to hockey players living with type 1 diabetes between the ages of 7-17, Dskate is proud to call itself the home of #T1DHockey. As we always have, Dskate will continue to grow the reach of our Hockey Programs across the world as we remain true to our belief that diabetes has no borders and that we are all on the same team.

In keeping with this belief and commmitment to our players and families, Dskate is excited to announce that the  Dskate 

PLUSHockey Program will be open to both T1D Hockey Players and NON-T1D Hockey Players.

The PLUS+ stands for T1D+1 - a brand new "buddy-system" for our T1D Hockey players.

The purpose of creating this special brand of Dskate Program is to allow all of our T1D Hockey players to bring a friend or sibling to Dskate.

It is extremely important that our T1D players get the attention and education they deserve and need, and we won't be shy in making sure we live up to our high Dskate U standards.

The benefit of Dskate PLUS+ is to bring direct awareness and support to our incredible T1D players from their peers and those closest to them.

The range of benefits extends to our parents as both T1D and NON-T1D parents will be invited to participate in our exclusive Dskate U Diabetes Education Program. 

Life at school. Life at a sleep-over. Life on the ice.

Let's make life better and share the experience of diabetes with those we love. 


Included with each registration for Dskate PLUS+ Niagara is admission for you and your family to our exclusive "Dsplash" Event.

"Dsplash - Water-Park After-Dark" is a unique and exciting addition to our Dskate PLUS+ Program for the entire family,

Hosted on August 3rd, 2016 at The Great Wolf Lodge Water-Park, Dskate invites all of our players, parents and siblings to join us for an exciting night of water-park fun!

Available only to Dskate PLUS+ Niagara participants, Dskate is thrilled to add this family-fun event and to work with our friends at The Great Wolf Lodge!

Special Requirement for NON-T1D Hockey Players

  • All NON-T1D Hockey players will be asked to be corteous, respectful and aware of all their T1D teammates.
  • All NON-T1D Hockey players will be asked to learn about diabetes on behalf of their buddy. There will be no tests and no pressure, only the reward of being a better friend.

More About Dskate...

Diabetes Nutrition Program

Registration Criteria: 

Registration FAQ 

  • Boy or Girl
  • Age 7-17
  • 50 SPACES for players Living with Type 1 Diabetes
  • 50 SPACES for players for NON-T1D Players
  • Must posses a Love of Hockey
  • CSA-certified hockey equipment
  • Ability to travel to-from program daily



  • T1D GOALIES: 10/10
    • There are 10 goaltending positions available for T1D goalies
  • PLAYERS: 40/40
    • There are 40 player positions available for T1D players 


  • NON-T1D GOALIES: 10/10
    • There are 10 goaltending positions available for NON-T1D goalies
  • NON-T1D PLAYERS: 40/40
    • There are 40 player positions available for NON-T1D players 



  • There is space for 50 T1D and 50 NON-T1D players
  • Players can register together (select the "Add A Player" Option) or separately 
  • Admission to "Dsplash" included with each registration (for each and player and their family