Bursary Fund

April 15th - May 31st 2019

Dskate Bursary Fund

The Dskate Bursary Fund is a Dskate-first initiative in which we, Dskate, attempt to give back to our wonderful T1D Hockey community by providing complimentary registration to a select number of applicants.

Though not applicable for charitable donation, if you are interested in sending a player to Dskate, we will always have T1D hockey players in need of an opportunity to attend Dskate. If you are interested in supporting a player, please reach out to us at contact@dskatehockey.com.

The amount of Bursaries available will be determined per program.

For summer 2019, Dskate will be providing five (5) complimentary registrations via Dskate Bursary for the following programs;

Dskate Bursary Fund Application Period: April 15 - May 31, 2019 (Applications will not be accepted beyond May 31, 2019)

In order to qualify your application for a Dskate Bursary, please verify that the applicant meets all application criteria and be sure to follow all of the steps listed below.  

Dskate Bursary recipients will be entitled to one (1) complimentary registration fee and will be notified directly following the conclusion of the Dskate Bursary application process/


  1. Must be 7-17 years old, male or female living with Type 1 Diabetes
  2. Must be able to travel to/from program location
  3. Must possess a full set of CSA-certified hockey equipment

More questions? Visit the Dskate Hockey Registration FAQ


  1. One (1) application per player per year
  2. Open to all T1D hockey players who meet application criteria
  3. No geographic restrictions (open to Canadian, US & International players)
  4. Bursary awards cannot be transferred or deferred, only accepted or declined


STEP 1: Complete online Registration Form (LINK FOUND BELOW)

  • Once you have submitted your Dskate online registration form (below), you will receive the Dskate Bursary Fund Application Letter and Application form at the email provided.‚Äč

STEP 2: Fill out and Return Dskate Bursary Fund Application Form

  • Once you have received the Dskate Bursary Fund Application Letter and Application form at the email address provided, please fill out the Application Form as soon as possible.
  • Included with the welcome letter is the Dskate Bursary Application Form + Questionnaire, please complete and return this form via email to contact@dskatehockey.com as soon as possible, order of receipt important.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Dskate notifying you of the official receipt of your application.

Step 3: Applications will be awarded based on a first-come, first-serve basis*

  • All applications will be reviewed by Dskate Hockey up until the conclusion of the application period.
  • Dskate discourages discrimination and will be reviewing all applications based on date of receipt and merit of support. *It is important to note that Bursaries will not be awarded solely on order of application, but prompt returns will be favoured.
  • Applicants who are declined will be notified promptly and will be allowed to re-apply for a 2020 Bursary.
  • Applicants who are successfully approved for a 2019 Dskate Bursary will be notified directly by Dskate on (or before) June 1, 2019, the day following the closing of the application period.

Thank you for taking the time to apply for a Dskate Bursary. 


Dskate Bursary Fund

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