Registration FAQ

Dskate Registration FAQ

How Do I Register?

  • Visit the EVENTS PAGE for registration links and details

Who Can Register?

  • Boys or Girls
  • Aged 7-17 (April 15, 1999 - March 16, 2010)
  • Living with Type 1 Diabetes
  • Love of Hockey 
  • CSA-ceritified hockey equipment
  • Ability to travel to/from Program daily

Do I Register Online?

  • Yes, all Dskate Hockey Program registrations must be submitted through the online registration system.

Is Traditional Registration Available?

  • At this time, Dskate is no longer offering traditional offline Dskate registration packages as to minimize our environmental impact and to improve efficiency of delivery. For more details, please email us.

What is the Dskate Registration Process?

  1. Select your desired Dskate Hockey Program
  2. Complete and submit an ONLINE "Basic Player" form 
  3. Complete payment (*online or offline)
  4. Receive the Dskate ONLINE REGISTRATION KIT by email
  5. Print, Fill Out and Return the mandatory forms (*online or offline)
  6. Receipt of payment and all necessary documentation guarantees your space

Do I have to Pay Online?

  • No, you do not have to pay online if you do not want to.
  • Dskate offers the option to pay immediately by credit card, should you choose not to pay by credit card you are expected to mail your full Program Fee to: Dskate Hockey, 2545 Pommel, Saint-Lazare, Quebec | J7T 2B1

Can I Pay by Cheque or Money Order?

  • Yes, you may by cheque or money order.
  • All payments must be made out to: Dskate Hockey
  • Complete payment of your Program Fee must be sent to: 
    • Dskate Hockey, 2545 Pommel, Saint-Lazare, Quebec | J7T 2B1
  • Payment must be delivered within 90 days time unless otherwise discussed with a Dskate representative.

What's in the Dskate ONLINE Registration Kit?

  1. Dskate Welcome Letter
  2. Dskate Medical Form
  3. Dskate Participation Terms and Conditions
  4. Dskate Registration, Refund and Cancellation Policies
  5. Dskate Consent and Release Form

*All documents are in PDF format and are emailed following successful submission of a "Basic Player" form.

What Forms Must Be Returned?

  1. Dskate Medical Form
  2. Dskate Consent and Release Form

*Return of these forms (including originals) is mandatory

How Do I Return These Forms?

  1. Email them to
  2. Mail them to: Dskate Hockey, 2545 Pommel, Saint-Lazare, Quebec | J7T 2B1


For further questions regarding registration or if you are having trouble submitting a form or payment, please email: