Hockey Program


Taking Advantage of Your Skill

The Dskate Hockey Program prides itself on the quality and cutting-edge philosophy with which we and our coaching staff approach the game of hockey.

Traditional hockey programs can leave a player wanting for more and so we have taken it upon ourselves to take advantage of the time we have with your T1D hockey player.

Focusing on skill development and the improvement of all elements required to be a more complete hockey player, Dskate delivers unprecedented tactical skill pracitce and a coaching staff that cares about the person behind the jersey and how they want to grow.

With attention to detail and professional and Olympic-experienced coaches ready to guide you through the next step of your hockey journey, here is what you can look forward to when you join the Dskate Team;

Cutting-Edge Skill Development

With an on-ice array of skill development tools and work stations, your player will never get bored testing their skills at Dskate. Courtesy of our mobile-obstacle work stations and skill courses that can be arranged to suit any skill level and test any technique, your player will experience hockey in a completely new and exciting way.

"Like playing a video game in real life!"

Player Assessment

Your player is our priority. Briefed on the skill and experience level of each and every one of our participants, the Dskate Coaching Staff is prepared to work with all skill levels, from beginning to professional.

First and foremost, each player is assessed on their current talent, skill and stamina levels.

Initial evaluations on Skating, Stickhandling, Shooting and Agility are considered with the Dskate Coaching Staff applying desired plans for each player based on the assessments.

Beginning with their first on-ice sessions, the Dskate coaches will immediately focus on necessary areas on improvement to start your player on the right path to getting the most out of their skills.


It starts with your first stride, and gets better with the next.

Skating isn't a tool or skill to be mastered but a neccessary function of being a better hockey player. Not only is it fun to become a better skater but it opens up a brand new world of hockey.

From cross-overs and cuts, to learning how to jump, roll and react to any possible on-ice scenario, your player will be guided and taught how to improve and conquer each obstacle in their path. 

Speed and agility testing will reveal important areas of improvement through a unique video analysis system. Experience and expertise coupled with this digital system allows our coaches to deliver immediate and on the spot education leading to rapid and steady improvement throughout Dskate.



Lefty or Righty, it makes no difference, it's all in how comfortable you are with the puck.

Up, over, around and through, Dskate provides your hockey player with an unforgettable experience as they hone their stickhandling skills.

Focusing on grip, puck-handling and puck-protection, the dynamics involved in becoming a better stickhandler are often left un-practiced. Not only is the art of stickhandling left un-practiced, it has only traditionally been left to be improved upon through in-game situations.

At Dskate, your player will spend plenty of time practicing with the puck as with up to 9 specialized work stations, we test each every facet of puck-handling.


Team-work becomes second nature for a hockey player and learning when and how to use your teammates on the ice requires a learned-ability to read the play and to move the puck at the right time.

No player will ever be faster than the puck. Reading and reacting to a play means learning how to catch and receive a pass just as much as it is knowing when and where to move the puck.

With careful consideration to developing those hockey instincts, the Dskate coaching staff not only teach individual passing skills but put them into practice with a multutude of teammate challenges. 

Only one player can shoot at a time, our goal is to make sure our players always find the open man.



Muscle and strength won't make you a better shooter, but learning how to wield your stick like a lethal weapon will.

The best shooters in the game readily admit that it is about practice, practice and more practice, and while we cannot argue that repitition and developing your shooting habit is a key component to scoring success, Dskate likes to think that technique and targetting can take your player to the next level.

Be it a snapshot, wrist-shot, slapshot or backhand, taking a shot can make the difference between a win and loss, so why not get it right?



The most difficult position in all of sport, the goaltender is a unique and exceptional position which requires a level of skill and agility that no other player in the game must posses.

One-part gymnast, one-part baseball player and one-part bloodhound, the development of a goaltender's skill set is a complicated combination of technique, flexibility and hand-eye coordination.

In order to dial into each goalie's needs, Dskate provides cutting-edge light sensor and tracking technology to set standard baselines and goals for each netminder. This enables our coaches to deliver player-specific training regimens and targets, which - thanks to talent and devotion of our staff - are often achieved through the duration of the Program.

Technology offers new insight and the ability for direct and immediate improvement, but it comes down to the coaching and motivation - which is where our staff excels. Brimming with excitement and a communal goal to see your player achieve results and have fun, stopping the puck is only the start in becoming an exceptional netminder.

"It takes a team to fight diabetes, but it takes a family to win"