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Dskate Hockey Coaching Staff


HEAD COACH Michel Vallière 

It takes a special kind of coach to manage the world's largest group of Type 1 Hockey players, which is why Dskate is proud to have Michel Vallière as our Head Coach. A goaltender by trade, having played 16 seasons professionally in Europe, Michel participated in 5 World Hockey Championships and back-stopped Team France at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer.

As a player turned coach, Michel has spent the last 15 seasons as an assistant coach to the Gatineau Olympiques of the QMJHL as well as Founding École de Hockey Michel Vallière and, most recently, running the Hockey Program for École Polyvalentes-des-Monts, a specialized sports-education program, in Ste-Agathe, Quebec.

His infinite on-ice wisdom and years of hockey and world experience have provided Michel with an energetic and optimistic outlook on life, which is clearly expressed by his passion for teaching and love of the game.

PROGRAMS: Dskate Milton 2015, 2016, Dskate Montreal 2015, 2016, Dskate Niagara 2016


A motivator with a passion for people and an insatiable desire for success, Marc Champagne, embodies the meaning of a coach who cares. A professional goaltending consultant, Marc has helped shape the career of many NHLers and currently works with the New York Islanders as their primary goalie guru. Having worked exclusively with the likes of Jaroslav Halak, there is no one who gets what it takes to be a star goalie quite like Marc Champagne.

Beyond Marc's professional work in hockey, he is devoted to bringing along a new generation of remarkable and talented players. With his heart on his sleeve, Marc pushes each and every goaltender at Dskate to reach new heights each time they take the ice. 

Technique, hard work and with a tool belt of tricks to rival Batman, Marc's awareness of T1D will allow your goaltender the freedom to chase the puck and their dreams with absolute confidence.

PROGRAMS: Dskate Montreal 2015, 2016


A skill-set and smile that can't be beat, Steve Woodburn is a coach with a thirst for offense that cannot be quenched.

A former teammate of Mario Lemieux and Pat Lafontaine and draft pick of the Edmonton Oilers, Steve enjoyed a storied 18 year career played mostly in Europe (Rouen, France) - including 5 French Champion Titles. No stranger to the big stage, Steve has played in 10 World Hockey Championships and 3 Olympic Games (Calgary 1988, Albertville 1992, LilleHammer 1994) as a defender with a flair for offense.

Bringing intimate knowledge of what it takes to play on both sides of the puck and a desire to push players to be their best, Dskate Assistant Coach, Steven Woodburn, is a valuable addition to our staff and an innovative coach your player will love to learn from.

PROGRAMS: Dskate Milton 2015, 2016, Dskate Montreal 2015, 2016, Dskate Niagara 2016



Gifted stickhandlers aren't simply born with the talent to weave magic on the ice, but must work hard to perfect a skill that few can master. Dskate Stickhandling Technician, David Bastien, is one of those few players that have successfully mastered the art. 

With an ability to handle the puck like the best the game has ever seen, David is one of the best young teachers in hockey. With the experience of a 7-year career as a point-per-game offensive player in Europe (Lyon/Amiens, France), players benefit from incredible demonstrations and one-on-one instruction they won't find anywhere else but Dskate. 

Currently skating for the Laval Predateurs of the LNAH and teaching with Michel Vallière at Polyvaltentes-des-Monts, David is eager to take on the challenge of bringing your T1D hockey player to the next leve.


Boasting a thorough and knowledgeable understanding of the game is expected from wise, veteran coaches, not always young ones. The exception is made in the case of Dskate Hockey IQ Technician, Frank Desrosiers.

A defensive-forward who spent 4 seasons in the QMJHL split between the Val d'Or Foreurs and the Gatineau Olympiques, Frank turned to a career in coaching at a young age. With a diverse background, including experience as a Boxer, you won't find a coach who can bring out the fight in a player quite like Frank.

With a determined focus to build an understanding of all in-game elements as well as what kind of confidence and belief-in-self it takes to push yourself to succeed, Frank Desrosiers also boasts a comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing each player. His compassion extends far beyond the ice as does his teaching skill, one of the many reasons Dskate and your T1D players are lucky to have him as a coach. 

PROGRAMS: Dskate Milton 2015, 2016, Dskate Montreal 2015, 2016, Dskate Niagara 2016



Each day is a gift and brings with it a new challenge. True to all T1Ds and their families, no one understands this quite as well as Dskate Skating Technician, Veronique Ouimet. With a passion for life and speed to burn, Veronique brings a world-class skating stride and charasmatic and infectious personality to the ice. 

With College and Professional experience under her belt, Veronique has turned her attention to coaching and the development of future players as Head Coach of College Notre-Dame in Montreal. 

A natural role-model for both our male and female players, Veronique's background in Psychology allows her to bring out a side of your T1D player no other coach can reach. Finding joy in hockey and in life, there's no other coach like Veronique to help get your stride back on track.

PROGRAMS: Dskate Milton 2015, Dskate Montreal 2015, 2016


Destined for a long career in Women's Hockey, Dskate Skating Technician, Rika Pilon-Robert, of the Carabins de Montréal (Université de Montréal) is a player during the season and coach by summer. 

A players-coach, Rika is a smooth skating forward with a specialty in face-offs.

This unique combination of speed and hand-eye coordination translate into a niche education on how to be explosive off the draw. With many different techniques to share, players benefit from learning how to open up their creative side on the ice.

With energy to spare and speed to burn, your players are in for a challenge if the plan on keeping up with Rika. The good news is that she is at Dskate to teach your players how to do just that.

PROGRAMS: Dskate Milton 2015, Dskate Montreal 2015



Encouraging T1D hockey players to chase their dreams is one of the biggest fundementals of Dskate. No one embodies that more than Dskate Goaltending Technician, Louis-Philip Guindon.

Currently the starting netminder for the Rimouski Océanic of the QMJHL, Louis-Philip and the Océanic are the reigning President's Cup Champions and currently seeking to repeat. 

In his quest to achieve his dream of reaching the NHL, Louis-Philip is the ideal goaltending coach to bring an understanding of what it takes to make it at the Junior-elite level. If our Dskate goaltenders are to find their way to the top, they will need to understand exactly what it takes. Complimenting Head Coach, Michel Vallière, and Assistant Coach, Marc Champagne, Louis-Philip provides Dskate a comprehensive level of coaching that can provide your goalie with the tools and knowledge to succeed. 

PROGRAMS: Dskate Milton 2015, 2016, Dskate Montreal 2015, Dskate Niagara 2016


Comprehensive skill education is a major component of Dskate's on-ice program. Understanding and conquering these obstacles require an ability to play every situation in hockey, which is why Dskate Skill Technician, Hugo Dissegna, is one of the best instructors out there.

To go beyond simply teaching, we need to understand the goal of achieving positive results. To understand the process and to guide a player through it is no simple task, which is where the mastery of the Dskate Hockey Program skills and agility platform is necessary.

Hugo is a boisterous and beyond-happy hockey coach that gives your player the positive push to find the best in themselves. A jokester with a heart of gold, Hugo's personality and passion infuse the environment with a party-like atmosphere, making the job of learning fun and easy.

PROGRAMS: Dskate Milton 2015, 2016, Dskate Montreal 2015, 2016, Dskate Niagara 2016



One of the best ways to teach is to learn together. Dskate Skill Technician, Fabrice Larose, playing elite hockey in the U.S. and currently working his way to the professional levels of hockey, is a 'gamer' and player-coach your player can learn from & with.

A student of the game, Fabrice is a calculated hockey player with an Hockey IQ that compares with that of Frank Desrosiers. His passion and exuberance are all complimentary to the wide array of skills the Dskate Coaching Staff boast, but it's his ability to learn together while demonstrating technique that puts Fabrice in to a friendly-competition with all Dskate players.

Always ready for a test, Fabrice educates players about the desire to be challenged. T1Ds always enjoy a fresh new challenge, something different from the daily grind, and that is where Fabrice fuels their fire to be great.

PROGRAMS: Dskate Montreal 2015, 2016


Teamwork is something T1D families understand better than most professional sports teams.

Translating these valuable leadership traits and harnessing the confidence required to fight diabetes is a fundemental component of Dskate's Mission, an element Dskate Skill Technician, David Ouellette, understands well.

Complimenting our dynamic Dskate Coaching Staff, David brings education of the fundementals to the ice. A person of integrity and a coach with his eye on the player under the jersey, players enjoy knowing they aren't only well-coached, but well taken care of.

PROGRAMS: 2016, Dskate Montreal 2015, 2016, Dskate Niagara 2016

"It takes a team to fight diabetes, but it takes a family to win"