For Players

For Boys & Girls 7-17 Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Uniting the various components involved in diabetes management to support exercise and nutritional Programming as an essential means of improving daily quality-of-life for people living with diabetes, it is our goal achieve a better tomorrow on and off the ice, today.

Dskate is built upon four fundamental pillars of success designed to achieve a greater quality-of-life for athletes and their families living with diabetes;


Empower today’s athletes living with diabetes to become tomorrow’s leaders


Teach them to be better teammates, family members and friends


Care for the person, knowledge for the athlete and their family, experiences to share


Discover there are no limits to their potential, find fun with friends

From Olympians, NHL players, and professional athletes to expert doctors, researchers, nurses, nutritionists and mentors, Dskate put our staff, players and families in a position to succeed.

Utilizing leading edge neuro-tracking technology, skill-testing obstacles and specialized equipment, Dskate pushes the envelope as we develop new methods for hockey players to train and improve their skills.

Dskate tackles hockey and diabetes education differently. We are not your traditional “camp.”

Through the combination of four (4) separate Staffs, Dskate’s formula delivers a new resource for hockey players and families alike to build better lives.


In order to achieve an environment where that is not only acceptable but wanted, Dskate employs 3 off-ice Staffs that deliver unique and specialized approaches to create a safe and family-friendly space

Leaders A Staff of motivational instructors, young-adults living with diabetes, provide players with instruction, encouragement and teach leadership skills that enable the discovery of new friendships and the knowledge that life with diabetes is easier as a team.

Educators A Staff of nurses, nutritionists and certified diabetes educators follow each and every group of Dskate players, taking care of all their needs on and off the ice, including the recording of all carbs consumed and each blood glucose test and any insulin measurements.

Coordinators A Staff of Dskate organizers, coordinators and affiliated partner Staffs ensure that all resources are readily available and that all players and families are well taken care of and the Program remains on-schedule.


Catering to hockey players living with diabetes, boys and girls between the ages of 7-17, Dskate offers the opportunity for players to experience a unique and elite hockey skill-development Program, rivaling the best hockey education Programs available in North America.

Providing an on-ice playground of work-stations, obstacle courses and dynamic teachers with Olympic and Professional experience, hockey players live their fantasy of playing a video game in real life. 

To learn more, please visit our Dskate Hockey Program page.


Offering a safe and secure environment for Type 1 Hockey Players and their families, Dskate is the home of #T1DHockey.