For Parents

For Parents & Family Members of Boys & Girls 7-17 Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Taking a step off the beaten path, Dskate prides itself on considering ALL of the family when designing our Programs.

This is why we established and created the Dskate U Diabetes Education Program.

An integrated, multi-faceted education program, exclusive to the parents and family members of Dskate participants, Dskate U not only compliments the experiential learning provided to the players, but augments it by delivering specialized sessions and opportunities to speak with industry-leading professionals.

The Dskate U Program for Parents is a complimentary program for all participating family members.

Taking place over the course of 1/2 days* during each Dskate Hockey Program, Dskate U offers talks, presentations, breakout sessions, social forums and casual moments for family members to learn more about Type 1 Diabetes. (*Dskate U Programs vary with each Dskate Hockey Program.)

Focusing on research, medical advancements, care management and much more, Dskate is proud to bridge the gap  by including all family members who wish to participate.

Past & Present Participants

  • Dskate, Director of Education: Dr. Michael Riddell, PhD.
  • Lisa Miadovnik, MSc, Kinesiology
  • Dr. Paul Dennis
  • Dr. Bruce Perkins, MD MPH
  • M. Thierry Gaudet-Savard, kinésiologue, PPMC, IUCPQ
  • Cory Conacher
  • Max Domi
  • Michelle Sorenson
  • Sarrah Morris, BScN, RN, MBA
  • Nick Boynton
  • Dessi Zaharieva, MSc, Kinesiology
  • Carlo Capaldi, Hon B.A., B.Ed.
  • Cheryl Lambert, RN, CDE, CRA
  • Jennifer Snider, RN, CDE
  • Dr. Guy Tellier
  • Yvonne Dametto, RN, CDE
  • Celia Fredericks, RN, MScN, CDE
  • Beata Dymek, MSc, PT
  • Laurent Legault, MD, FRCP
  • & many more...

Medtronic is pleased to provide strong educational support at the Dskate Program with Diabetes Educators who are Registered Dietitians and Registered Nurses; all are Certified Diabetes Educators.