RAPIDFIRE - 2 Minutes with Kaleb Dahlgren



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RAPIDFIRE - Kaleb Dahlgren

2 minutes are on the clock as host, Anissa Gamble ​, sits down for #RAPIDFIRE with the Founder of Dahlgren's Diabeauties and member of the York U Lions, Kaleb Dahlgren...

  • What's Kaleb's fav pre-game meal?
  • Is he an action movie guy?
  • Who's his favorite athlete?
  • What can you spend your day doing in Saskatchewan?


Let's find out!


Who's your favorite athlete?

Haley Wickenheiser (...or Connor McDavid or Joe Sakic)

What's your go-to pre-game song?

Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’Roses...it gets me going, it gets me going!

What's your preferred type of insulin?

Humalog and Lantus

What diabetes devices do you use?

Dexcom G6

Batman or spiderman?


Cardio or weights?


Salty or sweet?


Favorite movie?

Ooh, I’d go….hmmm, Romantic comedy. Out of the blue, watched it the other day,’Hitch.’

Fun fact about Saskatchewan?

You can truly watch your dog run away for a day…this is a true fact, you can truly watch a dog run away for a day!

Favourite pre-game meal?

Ooh, I like pasta and chicken or rice and chicken and some beans or veggies, can’t go wrong with that…I’d probably go rice, chicken and broccoli.

Go-to low snack?

Scooby-doo’s! Nah, I’m kidding. I’m a Welch’s guy now, hopped on the Welch’s train – been on Scooby’s Doo my whole life, but enjoying Welch’s now.

Last one, what's your favorite quote?

I’d say: ‘take action for your passion’, or ‘enjoy the grind.’


A special thank you to our guest, Kaleb Dahlgren, for sitting down with us for GAMETIME.


Enjoy this bonus segment from Episode 1 of Gametime as Host Anissa Gamble engages in RAPID FIRE with Kaleb Dahlgren. You can catch the full length feature interview with Kaleb Dahlgren by clicking here: 

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