Dskate Programs/Events Postponed to 2021

No Dskate in 2020
Our world has changed drastically over the past few months and has taken a toll on all of us. Unfortunately, despite numerous efforts, we have reached the point where it will no longer be feasible for us to host our regularly scheduled Dskate programs and events in 2020.
Due to Covid-19, Dskate is now officially postponing our 2020 events until 2021.
Though we are not the first organization to be forced into postponing our 2020 events, we are tremendously disheartened that we were unable to find a way to make it work out. There is nothing more that our Dskate Team look forward to than seeing all of you each summer.
Why no Dskate?
While we wish there was a way to make this work for all of us, the key elements that enable us to run our programs simply won't be available this summer;
  • Certified Diabetes Educators - unavailable
  • Host Facilities (arenas) - unavailable
  • Lodging and other venues - unavailable
  • Partners - unavailable
  • Reduced restrictions on large gatherings - unavailable
  • Travel/Quarantine restrictions that vary from province-to-province, state-to-state, country-to-country
Certified Diabetes Educators
Dskate would not be Dskate without the incomparable support of all of our nurses and medical professionals who participate in each and every program and event we host. 
At this time, our hearts and courage are with all of the CDE's and medical professionals who have been at our side throughout our many programs. They are now our front line heroes and are doing everything they possibly can to help us overcome this pandemic, and to have a chance to get back to our regular lives, and more Dskate's. As a primary consideration, Dskate programs and events cannot happen without our CDE's, and while we wish that they would have the chance to be available to join us at Dskate, that simply no longer appears to be a possibility for this upcoming summer.
Acknowledging their hard work, enormous hearts and relentless courage, we owe it to our CDE's and friends in the medical community to make sure we do our part.
Host Facilities + Lodging/Venues
Over the past few months, we have been working closely with all of our 2020 host facilities to create back-up plans, alternative scenarios and potential alternative dates, but due to the continuously changing landscape of restrictions, all facilities have now delayed hosting large gatherings until the end of August at the earliest. As a result of the arenas, hotels and other major venues not being available for this summer, we have taken the steps to secure our programs for 2021. Details will follow once our partner facilities provide us with their framework for return.
Dskate Partners
Another important component of running Dskate programs is the support of our partners. Without their support, even with the cost of registration, it is simply impossible to run our programs with the level of staff and care that we provide. Due to the pandemic, our major partners have been forced to postpone their support for our 2020 events until 2021. This, in itself, means that we no longer have the appropriate aid to allow us to bring you the fun, support and education you deserve.
Though we are heavily impacted by this decision, we also respect our partners decisions and the hard work they do to help our community thrive and look forward to resuming our partnerships as soon as possible.
Travel Restrictions/Quarantine Periods
Beyond the elements necessary to run our operations being unavailable, the constantly changing policies regarding travel restrictions (safe travel) and quarantine criteria make it nearly impossible for many of our Dskaters to reach our program locations this summer. As such, we would not want to risk anyone's health by pushing forward with our programs. Even if we rescheduled or changed venue/location, we do not feel it would prudent or safe to ask any of our players and their families to risk their health.
Dskate Credit
At this current time, Dskate will be extending full credits to all paid participants for 2020 programs and events. All registered players will be provided additional details in the coming weeks.
Beyond 2020
While we must hit pause on our programs and events for the moment, that does not mean that we haven't been hard at work behind the scenes figuring out how to keep our community connected. With that in mind, as we grasp with this unexpected delay, we will soon be launching a new web series and providing online content in order to bridge the gap between now and the next time we hit the ice together.
Stay tuned as Dskate will take this opportunity to rethink how we approach the game of hockey in order to provide you with even better programs and events in 2021.