The Buffalo Sabres Join Dskate Niagara PLUS+!

The Buffalo Sabres are proud to support #T1DHockey

Dskate Hockey is proud to announce the support of the Buffalo Sabres for our Dskate Niagara PLUS+ Program and of the #T1DHockey community.

Taking place this August 3-5, 2016, at the Gale Centre Arena in Niagara Falls, Dskate Hockey will be hosting a one-of-a-kind "hockey+diabetes" Program for 100 players and parents (50 T1D/50 non-T1D).

This unique "T1D+1" Dskate Hockey Program model will allow players living with diabetes to bring their closest friends or siblings to enjoy our elite hockey program and the fun that comes with being a part of the Dskate family.

Making Dskate Niagara PLUS+ more unique than our other Dskate Hockey Programs, the NHL's Buffalo Sabres are now proud to support Dskate Niagara PLUS+ and the #T1DHockey community. 

In partnering with the Buffalo Sabres, Dskate is proud to announce their presence at our Dskate Niagara PLUS+ Program. Details will be released later this summer, but headlining the highlights of this unique program will be a visit from our friends at the Buffalo Sabres.

Do not miss your opportunity to "Dsplash with friends" and learn from the Buffalo Sabres by registering for Dskate Niagara PLUS+ today!