Nutrition Program

Dskate U Nutrition Program

Igniting the hunger to be better begins with feeding your body what it needs to succeed.

Keeping with this philosophy, Dskate provides a complete daily lunch, including morning and afternoon snacks, for all of our players. Courtesy of a well-structured menu, our goal is to teach with each bite.

With an understanding that diet and health restrictions are not only important but heavily influence how you can improve your quality of life, we try to take every detail into account in order to provide the energy each player needs to succeed and an understanding of what they are eating and how it impacts them on and off the ice.


Fuel Your Success

Diet is and always will be an extremely crucial element of managing your diabetes. And though that may be true for everyone, those living with diabetes understand this best as it can make the difference between a good game or a bad day.

Balancing what you eat while managing blood sugars is a constant battle. Yet what many fail to do, whether living with diabetes or not, is to harness the power of food and what it can do to help you feel great and live a better life.

At Dskate, we don't just preach healthy eating but put it to practice. With a week-long menu tailored to help teach players the value of nutrition and its impact on diabetes and their quality-of-life, the journey to success starts with how we fuel our body.



Carbs, Sugars and Stamina

Hockey can make blood sugar act like a roller coaster. Dropping or spiking during a game or practice is one of the biggest fears and most complicated challenges a T1D athlete can face, yet you can give yourself a head start by feeding your body the proper energies it needs.

Food won't keep you from a bad experience, nor is it a free pass to disregard your diabetes, but it is a special tool in your fight to harness your body and to be the best athlete and person possible.

Each player is different and reacts uniquely to each food item and situation, which makes the difficulty of the nutrition challenege all the greater. Throwing a hip-check at this obstacle, the Dskate U Nutrition Program delivers a crash-course in the basic values of food and the repercussions a healthy choice can have on your ability to perform.

The hypothetical becomes reality at Dskate as each player counts carbs, learns energy values and more about how food impacts their on-ice abilities and off-ice personalities.


Gaming Diabetes

You can't cheat in hockey, just like you can't cheat diabetes.

But, whether on or off the ice, you can be A GAMER

Tied into each and every lunch at Dskate is a series of interactive and challenging Nutrition games designed to help bring out an understanding of which food items can have positive and negative effects on diabetes.

While life with diabetes may often feel like a never-ending amount of homework, we help make the learning fun and delicious. Coupled with the extraordinary amount of on and off-ice activity taking place at Dskate, having fun while refuelling is just one of the many ways we teach our players to harness the elements they can directly control.

Though diabetes is no game, we can win.