Our Team

Steven Hindle President
Kosta Papoulias Program Director

The Most Unique Hockey Program in the World

The realization of a dream, Dskate Hockey is equal part passion, drive and desire. Melting the elements of hockey and diabetes education together to create a unique “hockey+diabetes” program, Dskate is a family-friendly education and exercise platform designed to improve puck skills, life skills and, most of all, create connections and build confidence.

Uniting elite-level professionals on and off the ice, Dskate offers a vast array of education sessions on diabetes management for players and parents. On the other side of the puck, the Dskate coaching staff brings a unique approach to the ice in utilizing T1D management skills to bring out the best in their hockey players. When combined, the end result is a program that delivers an impactful balance of diabetes education, hockey skill development, and fun; leaving all who experience Dskate with a smile on their face.


Inspired to improve quality of life, the Dskate Hockey Program focuses on helping players and parents recognize the value of nutrition and exercise and the harmony that can be achieved through proper balance. Through an invaluable combination of elite staffs independently focused on hockey and diabetes, Dskate achieves the true “team” goal of making everyone a part of the action while leaving no one out.


To create, develop and implement an integrated “hockey+diabetes” sports-education program for individuals living with diabetes and to create, develop and facilitate the growth of the diabetic hockey community. Uniting the various components involved in diabetes management to support exercise and nutritional programming as essential means of improving daily quality of life for people living with diabetes.


To create a thriving on and offline community based on improved quality of life for individuals living with diabetes. Through engaging and educational sports-based programming, online community driven interactivity and diabetes education, connecting those who live with diabetes and improving their quality of life is a reality we are working to achieve.