Getting Pumped!

A guidebook for individuals with Type 1 Diabetes


A guidebook for active individuals with Type 1 Diabetes

"Whether you are a person living with Type 1 diabetes, a family member, a coach or a healthcare professional, I hope that Getting Pumped! provides you with information, inspiration and tools to help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle.”

Dr. Michael Riddell, Ph.D


● Factors affecting performance

● Blood sugar levels & insulin requirements during exercise

● Inspiring stories of athletic accomplishments by individuals living with Type 1 diabetes

● Insulin pumps & exercise

Noted Professor, Researcher and Director of Education for the Dskate Hockey Programs, Dr. Michael Riddell, PhD, has published a fanstastic new book designed to help the active #T1D on the go.

Getting Pumped - A guidebook for active individuals with Type 1 Diabetes

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